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This is by far my favorite!! Such god flavor and great on tacos! your store’s happy customers.

Erin Marx


Easy to order, and fast service. Appreciated help with judging what sauces to choose as gift.

Marylouise B.

Great little package!

I love all the sauces! The sassy sauce is almost gone already, definitely need a big bottle of that!Love the little hot sauce cozies/holders as well

Brock J.


Gave as a starter kit to someone else. No response from them yet.

Marylouise B.

Deliciously hot!

What an excellent sauce! Perfect heat level for me with plenty of flavor to back it up, love the lemon lime tang! Heat 7.5/10 my scale.

Thank you again for the wonderful customer service!

Brock J.

Love this sauce

Amazing Chipotle hot sauce, just the right amount of heat for everyday use, great flavor with a nice citrusy note, great with many things especially taco's!

Brock J.

Super flavor and heat!

I have to admit that I was surprised that I could taste the honey in this sauce! With it being under the pineapple in the ingredient list, I thought it would be lost. However that is not the case. The blend of carrot and honey pared with the fruitiness of habanero and pineapple, make this a great sauce for seafood, asian style wings, drizzled over vegetables or many other uses.

Bob R


The Torch is one of my favorites. Love the flavor and just the right heat!

Jeff D.


May 21, 2020

need more!

Matt Schaum